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Just finished the three-day intensive we do every three weeks for graduate school. Tiring but worth it.

Sitting home again, taking a look at the next month or so ahead I realize: OMG it's Potlatch next weekend! And I'll be selling books and talking to people and even getting some work done on my big, snarly, wonderful Capstone project.

What's more is the weekend after that is the Emerald City ComiCon! At which, as of this afternoon, I'm going to be staffing the Studio Foglio booth while Phil and Kaja are down at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition!

So now I'm all fired up to research what prices I should put on these piles of books, and which webcomicers are going to be at Emerald City. Maybe this year I will finally do a hand-out map of where everyone is (although that seems an over-ambitious project considering the timeline).

So, anyone reading this going to be at either Potlatch or Emerald City? I'd love to meet up!

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