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Emerald City ComiCon March 13 and 14

Just over a week from now, Seattle hosts one of the finest comic conventions in the country, ECCC, and the number of webcomic creators attending is really remarkable.

A short turn left from the main doors you encounter:

TopatoCo at Booth 202
They are bringing an incredible THIRTEEN (!) cartoonists:
Kate Beaton (Hark A Vagrant)
KC Greene (Gunshow)
Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content)
Jon Rosenberg (Goats)
Sam Logan (Sam & Fuzzy)
Chris Baldwin (Little Dee)
David Malki (Wondermark)
Wes & Tony (Amazing Super Powers)
Chris Yates (Reprographics)
Andrew Hussie (MS Paint Adventures)
Jeffrey Rowland (Overcompensating)
Chris Hastings (Dr. McNinja)

and right across the aisle is:

HalfPixel, Booth 102
Scott Kurtz (PvP)
(and I read that Kurtz is moving from hot, dry Texas to join us here in the Great Rainforest! Yeay!)
Dave Kellett (Sheldon)
Brad Guigar (Evil Inc., Greystone Inn, Courting Disaster and Phables)
(also runs the fabulously useful industry site Webcomics.com)
Kristofer Straub Starslip (Starslip, Checkerboard Nightmare and chainsawsuit)

Barely around the corner from them is

Daniel M. Davis (Monster Commute), Booth 104

and continuing around the corner leads you to

Octopus Pie at Booth 203
Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie)
R Stevens (Diesel Sweeties)

Up the aisle just a short way is

Studio Foglio, Booth 209
Cheyenne Wright (Arcane Times)
(Phil and Kaja Foglio are both at the Nova Albion Steamshow, but they have signed
LOTS of books before they left, so stop on by)
Studio Foglio posts four different webcomics: Girl Genius, Buck Godot, What's New with Phil and Dixie and, new to the web this year, MythAdventures.
(and this is where I'll be all weekend. I don't do a webcomic, but I live for talking about them, so come and take pity on me!)

and right smack next to us is

Do Gooder Press, Booth 211
Aaron Williams (Nodwick, PS239, Full Frontal Nerdity)

Skipping over to nearby Artists Alley we find

Joel Watson (Hijinks Ensue) Against the wall at AA M-06
Alina Chu (Weregeek) at AA D-15
Brian Snoody, the inker on Vol 1 of Girl Genius at AA E-02
Erika Moen (DAR (and many many other titles)) at AA F-08
Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots) at AA G-15
Pete Abrams (Sluggy Freelance at AA L-18

Skipping alllll the way to the other side of the convention hall, we encounter

Purveyors of cool stuff Snafu-Comics at Booth 909
Sofawolf Press, Publisher of Ursula Vernon's Digger at Booth 1004
ZB Publications (Famine Lands) at Booth 1008

People who are on the program, but I haven't spotted their booth yet:

Wil Wheaton may not do a webcomic, but he's an integral part of the community, and you should buy his book!
Tim Sale did the inking on MythAdventures!
Terry Moore also doesn't do webcomics, but go buy his omnibus of Strangers in Paradise anyway.

And let me repeat: come visit me at the Studio Foglio booth - #209. Tell me I sent you!

Eta: thanks for the update steamcrow, and Pete Abrams now known to be at L-18!


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Mar. 5th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
I'll try to swing by: I work on Sat, but will see if I can get by on Sun.
Mar. 5th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
I think this may have to be the year I go to my first ComiCon. Anything really important for a first timer to know besides "wear comfortable shoes"?
Mar. 6th, 2010 07:22 pm (UTC)
That is indeed Rule Number One.

I think Rule Number Two should be "make sure to come visit Booth 209".

I greatly enjoy Emerald City, but then I greatly enjoy the San Diego Comic-Con too, and that's the sort of madhouse that other people run screaming from.
Mar. 9th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
Booth 104 (next to Meridith Gran) features Monster Commute (http://www.monstercommute) a webcomic of obscure proportions.
Mar. 9th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the input. Every year it gets a little harder to spot all the webcomic people - and I couldn't be happier about that!
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