Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

A Whine About Whining

Life is good right now. In fact, it's great! I have an engaging, valuable volunteer job that will feed right into my MBA program, a part-time paying gig doing stuff I love, and only one quarter left of school.

As I compile the list of assignments, readings and papers that I need to get done for class, and rank them alongside the work I need to get done for the other two efforts, it's a close to overwhelming pile - and yet there isn't any of it I'm not looking forward to.

So this is sort of the "I want to whine about how much I have to do" post, except that I am really enjoying it, and am more concerned about not being able to do my best with the heavy load.

(Hmm, I was going to wind up with "and everyone here's doing great" and realized that's not entirely the case. If the universe would like to send two great jobs our way, one for a Senior Systems guy and one for a hard-working 17 year old, that would fix us right up.)

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