Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

I get three extra letters

Yesterday was my graduate school Commencement, and I am officially graduated!

I expect to use my shiny new MBA (actually an LEMBA as I went through the Leadership Executive program) to help connect with a full-time gig. I've been applying at Nintendo, Amazon, a bunch of smaller not as well known places, and a couple of outliers like Woodland Park Zoo. No responses at all yet, but confidence remains high.

While I wait (and send out more applications) I'm working more hours at Studio Foglio. Great fun, and worthwhile work, but we're a ways from having full-time permanent work for me here, so I'm kinda counting on the Greater Seattle Area to come up with something.

A great relief to be out of school, and I hope to stay in touch with a lot of the group, so there isn't even the sad part of missing folks.
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