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I get three extra letters

Yesterday was my graduate school Commencement, and I am officially graduated!

I expect to use my shiny new MBA (actually an LEMBA as I went through the Leadership Executive program) to help connect with a full-time gig. I've been applying at Nintendo, Amazon, a bunch of smaller not as well known places, and a couple of outliers like Woodland Park Zoo. No responses at all yet, but confidence remains high.

While I wait (and send out more applications) I'm working more hours at Studio Foglio. Great fun, and worthwhile work, but we're a ways from having full-time permanent work for me here, so I'm kinda counting on the Greater Seattle Area to come up with something.

A great relief to be out of school, and I hope to stay in touch with a lot of the group, so there isn't even the sad part of missing folks.


Jun. 15th, 2010 02:58 pm (UTC)

I want to really emphasize the "staying in touch" part. The school should be helping you network and make contacts. Also, your classmates as well.

It seems a little weird, but I really think that's part of what you got with the degree: the ability to use the school network. You need to be sure you use it as much as possible. I'm assuming you've been by the career placement office already. If not, Get On Down!

At least at the U of C, you can get emails about recent postings / offerings, networking events, free (or very low-cost) lunch seminars, evening presentations, etc. All of these are times where you can be meeting people who will then think of you when a job opening comes up.

Working on getting the MBA was hard. Now the next job just started.....

All the best!
Jun. 16th, 2010 10:07 am (UTC)
Here's the Career Services networking link.
As an alum, you get an account. Sign up if you don't have it already.....


(The separate "Events" list was totally useless, so I'm hoping all the real events are in here.)

Good luck!! Keep applying!


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