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Getting Out and About

One of the hazards of being underemployed, especially when traveling to a gathering or event requires three hours travel, a $15 ferry trip and a quarter tank of gas, is that it's easier to just stay home and cruise the internet. But no matter how fabulous one is about posting and commenting (and I'll be the first to say I'm not very prolific at either of those), it can't hold a candle to actually meeting up with people.

I have taken on a new community-service sort of task, working with VashonPages, publishers of The Vashon Loop, that will prod me into making new contacts and scripting more text. And I continue to job-hunt, although my earlier ferver has subsided somewhat - if I don't even get a call for interviews despite dozens of applications per week, it's time to change the procedure - with a longer-term view to finding a good match rather than a fast one.

Two strong needs of mine that I haven't been attending to are to see and talk with more people, and to get more of my overly voluminous book collection shifted to good homes. Yesterday I made some arrangements that might affect on both of those.

So, next Saturday, I'm going to be one of the vendors at the Seattle Steampunk Swapmeet, to be held September 18th, Noon – 6:00 PM, at the All Pilgrim’s Church at 500 Broadway (lower level). I did this last year as well, and while the venue tends to be 95% clothes, costumes and gadgets, I sold quite a few of the low end paperbacks, some of my low end hardcovers, and virtually none of the higher-end collectible books. I'm still going to bring a range this year, but at least I can adjust my expectations.

AND, the week following that, I'm going to attend FoolsCap. They sold out of Dealer Tables months ago, so I won't have a table there, but I'll probably bring a bunch of books just in case there's a cancellation or someone is willing to spot me a couple of feet off of their table. I'm also going to use this event as incentive to Get Off My Butt and generate a catalog of some of the books available. (There. It has been said In Print and Out Loud, that means I'll actually do it...).

If anyone reading this is planning to attend Foolscap, I would very much appreciate a chance to get together and just hang out for a bit. Further efforts to get out more will continue.

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