Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Distractions in Book-Land

I have enough things that I am supposed to be working on today, that I am not in fact working on, that I would slide into dismay and depression at my lack of focus. Lucky for me, the distractions that fill my time so unproductively are themselves fascinating, and all carry the seeds of future accomplishments. So let me distract you!

Douglas Rushkoff has a well-written article about why he is not trying to sell his new book through the traditional publisher market.

Wildside Press has made pre-pub versions of two of their magazines available for free download.
Issue 4 of the Sherlock Holmes magazine is at
while Adventure Tales Issue 6 is at

I haven't used RapidShare before, but it all downloaded without a hitch, despite having an elderly Mac (which sometimes runs into problems working with newfangled modern pages).

In more personal space, while I continue to think that a regular "day job" is the most likely path to productivity and happiness, I haven't seen very many encouraging openings, and it's led me to sketching out what would be involved with launching a bookstore again. Reality is that the market is no more stable than it was when I closed in 2004, and I have far fewer personal assets to throw at the project than I had in 1988. More thoughts on alternate bookselling options some other time...
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