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Books for Sale - No, Really This Time

I don't know what perversity of personality it is, but I have it bad.

I like to own books. They are great friends, beautiful objects and comforting surroundings.

I like having sold books. The knowledge that those repositories of wisdom, humor, thoughts, dreams or frivolous entertainment now have a chance to make someone else's life more fun is a wonderful thing.

But somehow when it comes to the mechanics of typing out long lists of titles, authors, editions, conditions and (by far the worst of all) reasonable sale prices, any possible distraction is welcomed with open arms. Even when it becomes essential that these books find new homes. Even when that critical time was really about three months ago.

Which brings us to two days ago, when a helpful friend pointed out that eBay is offering a No Listing Fees special for this month and next. Up to 100 items each month, but the first month is half over already.

It's the time limit plus the lowered barrier that have really helped get me off my bum, and do what I should have been doing for the last year. So for the next couple of days (got work in Seattle on Thursday) I'm going to be posting books and other stuff over at eBay, user name alicebentley until I run out of time, slots or sanity (because there is no practical way to run out of items).

And then I'm gonna hope I spend a lot of time going to the Post Office next week.


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Nov. 16th, 2010 08:57 pm (UTC)
Hey. You only have like 5 items.
Get cracking!!
Nov. 16th, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
For those, like me, who prefer to track stuff with RSS (and since the RSS link is broken on the linked page), you can find the RSS feed here.
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