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1) On yet another re-write of my resume (since the current version hasn't seemed to do the trick) I was side-tracked for longer than I would have guess over the proper spelling of "Bachelors of Science in Physics". Whether the proper term has an s, an apostrophe s, no s; should be spelled out, should NOT be spelled out, etc. seems to depend more on the writer than any firm rule. Which seems insane for a document where any tiny typo is considered a hanging offense.

2) I catch up on Fred Pohl's blog The Way the Future Blogs and discover that he is tangentially under attack from a Kornbluth biographer with a chip on his shoulder. SO tempting to go haring off through the net to get other insights on this.

3) My marvelous boss gifted me with a subscription to Crunchyroll, and now I just want to sit and watch anime all day.

4) I have a couple of thousand books that I've realized I don't need to keep, so I've been listing some on eBay (using their fabulous No Listing Fee sale) and schlepping loads down to Half Price Books, and I need to do more of both of those.

5) My endemic optimism and conviction that "SOMETHING will work out" is likely as bad for me as my friend's recurring depression, in that I need to face up to reality, and the fact that things are not, in fact, working out, and it is time to take desperate measures. Like talking to people about it. Or actually *gasp!* asking for help. And I'd better post this before I delete this line once again.
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