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Many moons No post

OK, perhaps not months, but for someone who scans LJ as much as I do, and for the great enjoyment I get from so many other people's posts, I really need to make the effort to get my own up here now and again.

Top of the mind today is my recent and continuing auctions on eBay. I've been posting the ones for Studio Foglio for the last year, but only the great special on listing fees (i.e. free) has motivated me to list my own. Of interest to many (and with currently no bids) is a copy of Master Li. I have more than a dozen copies that I squirreled away after the second printing, and figured now is the time. The first copy I put up on eBay went for an astonishing $115. I don't expect that price to hold, but I'm surprised to get no bids at all with a minimum of $29.99 (cover price).

Also ever-present these days is my continuing search for full time employment. Wonderful as it is to work for Phil and Kaja (and it is!), they are not likely to be expanding to the point where I can support the rest of the family here, which would be nice. I also miss working with a big team of people, and hope to find something like that. I've re-written my resume again, with help from a hand-picked collection of advisers, and a new scattering of applications are going out as I get cover letters crafted.

Heavy rain this morning has segued to clear skies and bright mid-winter sun. I should really go out and try to get some pictures of the noon sun making horizontal shadows through the trees - since even at noon the sun doesn't make it even halfway up the through the trees. Still the Twilight World here.

On the "distractions" front, I am very much enjoying the anime series Natsume's Book of Friends. I've been rationing myself to a couple of episodes a day, and yet I'll be done by the end of the week. I was going to link to crunchyroll, which is where I'm watching them (thanks to a paid account gift) but they start off with a fullscreen unrelated ad, then launch an audio-enabled video ad, so only check them out if you are not surfing at work.

And now, back to eBay! And cover letters!

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