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What's up with Capricon?

Does anyone reading this know who's running the 2005 Capricon? I know the staff changes around every year (in general, a good thing) but I just heard about a policy change they've put in this year that made my jaw drop.

Greg Ketter (from DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis for those who have just joined us) just told me that Capricon returned his check for tables, saying that they wanted more new blood and felt that there were too many book dealers anyway.

This would have been his 25th Capricon. That's right - he's been to every single one. I was trying to work out with other long-timers whether he is or is not the ONLY dealer to have participated so long. I should ask Steve Salaba, who would be one of the few other contenders I can think of.

I think this was a very poor decision on someone's part. Do they really feel that books are no longer part of science fiction? Or that Mad Science (this year's theme) is only about gadgets and sparkly stuff? There were only four book dealers last year anyway - how many fewer can they be planning on!

I wasn't at all sure I'd be able to afford going this year anyway, since for the first time it would mean flying in. Now here's one more big reason not to try too hard.


Dec. 11th, 2004 06:34 am (UTC)
The convention is not that large, and the dealers room is usually the appropriate mid-size for it. So every year there are many more applications received than there will be room for.

In the past they've dealt with this mostly by limiting how many of each type of dealer is there. This year it looks like they've decided (for some nebulous value of "they" - I've done that job, and sometimes it's only one person, while other times it's the entire committee) to toss out half of the dealers that had tables last year.

Book wise, I see that there will now be just Larry Smith for new books, Glen Cook for used (with some new releases) and a costumer who also carries some books. Really, really sad.


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