Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Where to start when one doesn't update a journal for weeks??? I'll try a short form to warm up.

Car in shop again, twisted ankle walking on gravel, met more neighbors while being rescued, car back and works great (starts every time, yeay!), scanned pages of art, bought more books, surprise arrival of greatly wished for ARC, started new sketchbook, fruitless search for knitting needles.

Flew to Chicago, unexpectedly busy, bought more knitting needles, great family gatherings, tsumani shock.

Close friend suddenly very ill in hospital, more dashing around ChicagoLand, drive to Michigan for New Years gathering, hear from the neighbors back home that our van spontaneously combusted and burned to the ground (no one hurt, house and cats are fine, no sign of arson).

Flew back Tuesday, arrived Wednesday, getting better at walking the trip to town (about 2 miles away), strange to carry all the groceries - affects priorities strongly, websurfing for new car.

Today: walked to town to pick up the baby trees I had ordered last month. I called ahead to find out how big 60 seedlings were, and was reassured that they would fit in a backpack. I intended to come right back and start digging holes, but found myself taking an unexpected nap instead. Fixed dinner, washed dishes, watch some anime and wrote this journal.

So tomorrow will most certainly be a hole digging, tree planting day, even if it's cold and rains all day (as it has most of this last week - if you can call that cold, or rain).

Sigh, even the "short" form is too long...

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