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Marketing - You're doing it right!

I don't use any ad-blockers or pop-up blockers when I cruise the web because I enjoy seeing who chooses to advertise where, and how the ads themselves are structured. Best of all is when I spot two of my many divergent interests connecting with each other.

So it was a lift last week to see (a browser-based mindless clicking game that I still manage to play for a little while most days) advertising on the fabulous webcomic Skin Horse.

But what impressed me enough to inspire this post was the ad I saw this morning on

First of all, it's just nice to see a comic I follow showing up on a game I play. But it goes to the next level by having a graphic that was clearly (to me) done specifically to reach this audience. The two characters are using wording that, while quite understandable on its own, is particularly familiar to anyone who has played Pokemon on the DS. The embarrassed child hiding behind the menu is frosting on the cake.

Better yet, the ad takes you to a landing page that's clearly been set aside as an entry point for newcomers, giving a "concept at a glance" view of what the comic is about - the very best way of nabbing anyone who is at least curious enough to click on the ad. It neatly avoids one of the hazards of frequently updated comics - that your main page will just happen to have something on it that would be inexplicable or off-putting to someone completely new.

So kudos to Sandra and Woo, and thanks everyone for playing!
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