Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Books for Sale - (what again!?)

Every few months I manage to get a list together, but this last summer I took a new try at it.

I've hired Marty to do the typing, and he's put together a Google Doc with title, author and whether it's HC or tradepaperback.

What I don't have have yet is any prices for anything. It's a task I don't feel equal to at the moment. I veer wildly between wanting to keep more of them, and chucking everything into a dumpster.

Only this morning did it occur to me that I could ask more of the Group Mind for input. So, here's a link to the list:

Is there something here that you think I ought to know more about? Something you want, or something that is actually super-rare and desirable?

Because the plan right at the moment is to haul the many boxes these are in over to Foolscap next week, and sell as many as I can, then triage the remainder into "bring back home" and "dump off at Half Price Books".

Sadly, the whole thing makes me tired, where it used to be a major source of energy, so it's time to go.
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