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That whole bookstore-thing

This is really the equivalent of a reTweet for LJ, as my main point in posting is to link to Greg's post clarifying what he means by Closing". Which I find mildly amusing, because every time he mentioned closing the store last year, I would try to talk him out of using that word, as he never meant what I knew most people would assume he meant.

"Closing" for most people means gone, kaput, vamoose, no access, no books, no fun no more. What he's doing is dropping the open storefront hours while increasing his mail order and convention access. But I'm sure it still *feels* like "closing" to him, what with the incredible emphasis that any retail place has on when exactly the doors are unlocked and when they're not.

Yes, he's not going to be offering regular, frequent storefront hours. Considering the income/expense balance of his storefront hours, the real mystery is why he waited this long. (Note: not a mystery, it's very clear to even a casual observer why he waited this long.) But no, the main functions of the shop - getting great books to lots of people - isn't going away at all. In fact, it's quite likely to improve, along with Greg's mental health.


Nov. 6th, 2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
I am working hard at buying most of my books from either Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, PA >mysterylovers.com< or the local general bookstore chain in Grand Rapids, Schulers Books & Music.

Yes, Amazon has great prices. Yes, you can buy a ton of stuff more than just books or music. But they have crossed over into the realm of predator, just like Walmart, and I don't have to feed the predators. My personal philosophy has always been to first support my family, then my friends, then my community / region / state / country. Reciprocity.


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