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Alice's Natterings

Alice Bentley
5 September 1959
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I have over the decades: owned a science fiction specialty bookstore (16 years), attended (since 1975) and occasionally run (from about 1977 until 1993) numerous conventions, worked for a while (5 years) at Fermilab, the particle accelerator in Batavia, worked for a while (4 years) at Tropel doing prototype optical designs, worked part time for a while (7 years) for the mad geniuses at Studio Foglio, went to grad school at Seattle U and got an Executive MBA. and have interests that range erratically.

Currently I'm living on the Forest Moon of Seattle, beautiful Vashon Island, and working at Law Seminars International, a business that puts together seminars and conferences about law. I'm having a great time at it, as it's just what I was looking for: an office job working together with a bunch of people to create things I couldn't do on my own.